The Journey Begins


It all begins and ends with “Trust and Let Go”.  It is a beautiful and poetic mantra which I have used time and time again whenever I have needed strength and courage.  Trust and Let go is about stopping and taking a breath.  It is about Trusting that you are here at this moment in this time and space for a reason so just Let Go and allow the moment to happen for it will take you wherever you are meant to be.

This story is my journey.  It is a tale which started the moment the noise stopped and my world ceased to turn.  It is a collection of memories where I have had to Trust and Let Go so that I could move on and find my purpose.  It is not just about the menacing tumour that still throbs silently in my brain.  It is about my life and how I choose to live it.  It is not a story about discovering my self.  It is a story about creating my self and determining who I want to be.  This story is the legacy that I discovered I wanted to leave behind.  And if this narration changes just one soul, if it gives one person hope or inspiration, then I have done exactly what I have set out to do.  To change another’s life, whether you are conscious of the relationship or not, is what gives life meaning. So Trust and Let Go because within each new breath is a new start.