Letter of Love


Dearest Matisse, Phoenix and Ignatius,

As I sit in my office with my fingers resting softly on the keyboard, I ponder over the question, What gives life meaning?  We all question why we are here and how we fit into the infinite Universe and we ask ourselves if we have a purpose and how do we find that purpose before our dusty road comes to a halt and our journey here ends?

When I contemplate my life and what it means I realize how thoughtlessly we race through precious time just to get to the next moment without making the effort to stop and breathe and embrace everything we see, hear, feel, touch and taste.   And then I realize that it is this very thing that gives life meaning:  It is in this very space and time where the momentum of meaning is found.  It is in the smallest of gestures, the grandest intimations.  It is in every smile and in every tear.  It is in the breathtaking glow of the sunrise and the sunsets, in the refreshing sound of the pelting rain and in the gentle touch of the breeze on your cheek.  It is there every time your heart swells and every time your heart shatters, it is in every new discovery and every daring challenge.  It is about embracing it all, the good, the bad, the possible and the impossible.  And it is about never having fear to face it all head on.

I think of my unlimited existence and all its wonderfulness and craziness and I think of what I could tell you that would make a difference in the way you find meaning in your own lives.  In these pages I hope to share the lessons I have learnt, the experiences I have embraced and the mistakes that I have become versed in never regretting.  And I do this for you because you are the most important individuals in my world and this is the best legacy I can leave behind for you. It is an absolute honor to be your mother and I am so grateful that you chose me to fulfill this immense role in your lives.  I only hope that I can do you justice and live up to the expectation you have of me.   My wish for you is that in these well loved pages, you find your magnificence and you unearth the uniqueness in yourselves and then somehow beyond the borders of each narration you find an unwavering understanding of who your mother is or was.

I love you my three little miracles. My heart belongs to you.


2 thoughts on “Letter of Love

  1. Oh Caz, what a magnificent legacy to leave for your babies … and what a gift to give the world.
    There is much to be said for time and healing, but in your words, for me, there is no need for either. I am home 🙏


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