Letter of Love

Dearest Matisse, Phoenix and Ignatius,

As I sit in my office with my fingers resting softly on the keyboard, I ponder over the question, What gives life meaning?  We all question why we are here and how we fit into the infinite Universe and we ask ourselves if we have a purpose and how do we find that purpose before our dusty road comes to a halt and our journey here ends?  … More Letter of Love

Out on a Limb

I realise that writing this collection of stories means bearing it all – my soul, my heart, my loves, my fears.  I am more than aware that this is a narrative that will leave me utterly and totally vulnerable to friends, family and complete strangers.  But I have learnt over time that being vulnerable is … More Out on a Limb

The Journey Begins

  It all begins and ends with “Trust and Let Go”.  It is a beautiful and poetic mantra which I have used time and time again whenever I have needed strength and courage.  Trust and Let go is about stopping and taking a breath.  It is about Trusting that you are here at this moment … More The Journey Begins